TACCOC Xmas at the Downs

Welcome to the TACCOC Christmas at the Downs on Sunday, 13th December 2020.

Scrutineering will take place in Garages 17 and 18 from 7.00 am on Sunday only.

If you have outstanding defects, have not raced, or had your car scrutineered at the last two meetings or within the last 6 months (before 1 June 2020), your car will need to be checked by the Scrutineers.  Please see the Scrutineers first before completing your documentation.  They will be inspecting the following items:-

Safety Harness/es                     Rollbar / Safety Cage                 Seat/s & Mounts  
Fire Extinguishers                      Throttle Return (fail safe)           Ignition / Circuit Breaker
Battery                                      Brake Lights                              Rear Lights / Rain Lights
Panels / Covers                         Competition Numbers

 Please Note:
1.         Documentation is from 7.00 am in the Media Room to the left of the Pit Building opening. 

2.         Please have ready:
a)        Club Membership card
b)        Race Licence
c)        Vehicle Log Book

Transponders are available for hire from the Race Secretary.  Cost is $35 per day with a deposit of $50 to be held, and refunded when the transponder is returned to the Race Secretary at the end of racing.

If you think you may require a Pit garage and have not yet booked one via the entry form please let us know.  Only garages that have been prebooked will be available on the day and if you have booked a garage we will advise you separately of the allocated garage number.

If you have reason to withdraw please let Janice know by text or email prior to the start of the event.  That way you will ensure that, if you have paid your entry fee, it will be refunded according to the Event Supplementary Regulations Part 1.

It is now mandatory for all Saloon and Sports Cars with Windscreens to have Race Numbers on the Windscreen, 150mm high with a 20 mm stroke.  Please ensure you have the correct numbers with you as we are unable to supply numbers of this size.

The intended programme is included in the attached Supplementary Regulations.  We will be running the following 6 classes:-

Formula Junior and F3
Formula Ford and Historic Sports Cars
PPG Classic Trial
AES – ERC Series
Arrow Wheels – ERC Series
BMW Series

This will take place outside Hamptons at 8:00 am.  Please listen up for PA announcements.

Thank you very much to those who have already volunteered.  A few more willing assistants would make our day.  Phone Grant Clegg 021 840-981 or Janice Holmes 0274 884-420

There is no charge for spectators.

There is no fuel available at the circuit

Limited hot food and drinks will be available at the onsite kiosks during the day.

Please scan Covid QR code where they are displayed.
Please use the sanitizer stations whenever possible.
Please practice social distancing whenever possible.
Please limit the sharing of equipment and tools.

 Enjoy the event.

Janice Holmes
Race Secretary
Ph: 0274 884 420 or 09 478 6420

BMW Entries 8-12-20
Supp Regs P1 2020 Dec 13th
Supp Regs P2 2020 Dec 13th
Written Drivers Briefing
Programme 13 December