Open Class

In September 2006 the “Radio Sport BMW Series” debuted at Pukekohe. Starting as one grid, this “open class” so to speak was made up of many different makes. From Colin Briscoe’s trusty E30, through to Gerry Hodges 635CSI, you could bring almost anything along.

Fast forward to today, and the Open Class is still very diverse. However instead of just the one “open” grid, the series has evolved to three different grids, all with their own different rules and regulations. 

Open Regulations 2019-2020
Open Race Format 2019-2020

Minimum Lap Times

A minimum lap time has been set for ideal conditions at each existing circuit

Group GT: No Minimum Lap Time

Group A: Minimum Lap Times for Group A cars as follows:
Pukekohe 1:09.300
Hampton Downs 1:09.300
Taupo 1:35.000
Manfeild 1:12.000

Group B: Minimum Lap Times for Group B cars as follows:
Pukekohe 1:13.000
Hampton Downs 1:13.000
Taupo 1:40.000
Manfeild 1:15.000

Group C: Minimum Lap Times for Group C cars as follows:
Pukekohe 1:17.300
Hampton Downs 1:17.300
Taupo 1:45.300
Manfeild 1:19.300