obscured by conflicting stories

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For wholesalejerseyslan the guys that you mentioned as our defensive core: Okwara is good depth but shouldn be a starter, Davis is still a question mark, and A only has one year left on his contract.Also, I have high hopes for the 2019 draft, but even though the lions do have extra picks, none come earlier than the 6th round unless compensatory pick projections are wrong. And they traded their 5th round pick for Snacks, which admittedly was a great trade,but, in terms of draft capital, they in average shape.TheThirdLevel 2 points submitted 3 days agoHaving all your draft picks + 40m in cap to spend is pretty good shape that we haven been in for a long time thanks to Mayhew penchant for mortgaging the future for immediate gains.I wouldn say Davis is a question mark, he has proven in the second half of this season that he can be a productive player in our scheme, even if he would be better at OLB. 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