E30 Scholarship

The 2019 E30 Scholarship date has been set! This year it will be held at Pukekohe Park Raceway on Saturday, 17th August 2019.

The BMW Race Driver Series Scholarship is a fully equipped motorsport experience, spanning the 2019-2020 E30 Championship season, granted to the selected Scholarship Recipient.

Applications for entry to the Scholarship are open to anyone who has neither raced in the BMW Race Driver Series previously nor an official of its sponsors.

Previous driving and/or racing experience are preferred, but are not criterion for application of entry to the Scholarship.
All Scholarship Entrants must attend the Scholarship Event (date and location yet to be confirmed) where they will be evaluated on a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to driver ability, driver development potential and panel interview skills.

The Scholarship Event will close with the announcement of the Scholarship Recipient.

What is included in the BMW Race Driver Series Scholarship?
The following vehicle is provided for the 2018-2019 E30 Championship season:

• BMW E30 320i, manual transmission
        – Race-ready, road registered and compliant with E30 technical regulations

The following items are included for use with the provided vehicle for the 2018-2019 E30 Championship season:

• BMW Race Driver Series Annual Registration fee
• BMW Race Driver Series Round Entry fees
• BMW Car Club New Zealand Membership
• Signage and livery is limited to the BMW Race Driver Series and its official Sponsors
• Vehicle registration and warrant of fitness
• Low Volume Vehicle MotorSport Authority card
• Mechanical engineering professional in attendance each round
• Mechanical engineering professional available for general servicing between rounds
• Labour and consumables included for general wear and tear
• Four brand new series control tyres
• One set of race brakes (front and rear)
• Sixty litres of 98 Octane fuel per round, on a reimbursement basis

What is excluded from the BMW Race Driver Series Scholarship?
The following items are not included with the provided vehicle for the 2018-2019 E30 Championship season:

• MotorSport NZ Competition Licence fee
• Any fuel exceeding the sixty litres provided for each round (98 Octane fuel is mandatory)
• Any tyres exceeding the four provided
• Any race brake pads exceeding the set provided
• Transport of the provided vehicle to and from each round
• Travel to and from each round and ancillary accommodation expenses
• Approved race apparel and safety equipment
• Any and all remedial charges arising from any breach or failure to comply with the terms and
conditions of the BMW Race Driver Series Scholarship Contract, including but not limited to:
o Mechanical repairs, automotive parts and labour costs.
o Panel, paint or vinyl wrap repairs
o Fines or penalties, if incurred

When does the racing season start?

The BMW Race Driver Series 2018-2019 season typically starts in September, concluding in March, but sometimes can go as far out as May.
Season dates for 2019-2020 season are to be confirmed.


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