Important for all BMWRDS Members!!!

This email contains:

  • Open Class entries for this weekend 1st-2nd April 2017
  • BMW Car Club Membership
  • Second and final 1 hour Enduro
  • AGM, Prize Giving and Remits
  • Incidents from the last round (E30 and 2 Litre)
  • Final Thought

Open Class entries for this weekend 31st March -2nd April 2017

We have 18 entries for the last round of the Open class season this weekend.

Please find attached the supplemental regulations for this event. PLEASE READ THESE! They contain very important information about the race weekend.  

Please note that set up for this event is Thursday. Practice Friday. Racing Saturday and Sunday.

There are a few pit garages available for hire this weekend on a first in first served basis. They include a 6×12 marquee, power and concrete floor and will fit up to four race cars per garage. $800 + gst for the weekend. Great value especially if you share with others.

Contact Gary Lathrope on 027 452 2991

BMW Car Club Membership


BMW Car Club membership is due for renewal. Please remember that it is a condition of the race series to be a member. Also, remember that you are required to be a member of a car club to validate your race license too. Without Membership, you don’t race!


1 Hour Enduro

The Second and last of our 1 hour endurance round will be on Sunday 7th May 2017.  Please put this date in your calendars. We shall let you know as soon as it is available to enter.  

AGM, Prizegiving and Remits

The date for the AGM and Prize giving is Saturday the 10th of June.  There will be a skid-pan day on the 11th June at Hampton Downs.

More details on these events will come shortly.

Remits for the AGM must be submitted before the 30th of April 2017. No exceptions will be made.  Please make sure your remit explains:

  • what current rule/format you intend in to replace
  • How the new rule should be interpreted
  • Why you believe it would benefit the class involved. (Not just your car)


Incidents investigations for E30 and 2 Litre from Legends of Speed 25th and 26th March

Please submit any incidents you wish reviewed before 6pm on Friday the 31st March.

Please remember to provide the details including race number, lap, and cars involved. Please also submit video at the same time.

On a side note. It was interesting to see not a single enquiry was lodged with the CRO during the race weekend.


Final thought

Driver Standards: We have had an up and down year regarding driver standards. It seems the vast majority don’t know how to keep their eyes up and looking beyond the car in front, or making poor positional decisions, or just driving with no regard for fellow competitors. This last one applies to drivers trying to make pass and Drivers whom are about to be passed.

I’ve heard explanations and excuses. I’ve heard from angry and disgruntled drivers. I’ve been told it is only the reverse grid race (which it certainly isn’t). It’s always the other driver and virtually everyone is not willing to take responsibility.

We (the committee and even a few long standing and respected drivers) have done our best to deal with incidents and Driver standards. However, we often have no evidence to prove fault and advice seems to fall on deaf ears.

What I haven’t heard. Not once. Is a constructive and well thought out idea on how to handle this issue.

So I’m challenging you. Tell us how hard you want us to be.  

One solution could be that any cars showing damage after a race get sent home. Regardless of fault. Thoughts? This would be an extreme measure. But if that’s what you want, that’s what we shall do.

Just remember one thing. If you ask for it. Don’t be disappointed or get frustrated if you fall foul of it later.

I ask you to take your time and think about this.

Just note that a format change won’t stop the majority of incidents. It’s only an attitude shift that will do it.


Nikolas Gladiadis


Castrol BMW Race Driver Series