Important rule information (E30) and Ticket and Payment info (everyone)

Good Evening to you all.

This email contains:

  • E30 Series Regulation Clarification and reminders
  • Tickets for the round
  • Round Payments

E30 Series Regulation Clarification and reminders

We would like to bring some clarification to the legality of extra ducting to parts of the engine bay. We have had a few cases crop up during the season and would like to make it clear to you all the position of the race series.

Ducting or guiding air in the engine bay is not permitted. (Not including the permitted modifications for air into the AFM)

For example: A duct running air from the front of the car to the intake manifold “for the purpose of cooling the manifold” is not allowed.

Remember the following statement from the BMW E30 Regulations

 Competitors must assume that unless a modification is specifically permitted, then it is prohibited.

A few another things to note are:

Body/Chassis and Brake Ducting


Relevant regulations are;


3.1 Required Equipment / Modifications:

  1. a) The chassis design and material must remain as standard. Lightening or reducing chassis strength is prohibited. Additional strengthening of the chassis is prohibited (e.g. seam welding). The chassis as produced by the manufacturer with the original material must be retained in all aspects in respect of material, thickness and contour. For the benefit of doubt, chassis is defined here to include the body shell, wings, doors, bonnet, boot-lid, roof, panels, floor and all bumper bars and support devices.



9.2 Modifications permitted:

  1. f) To improve front and rear brake cooling the removal of OEM splash guards / backing plates only is allowed. Also allowed for brake cooling is the addition of ducting, but this cannot be designed in any way which would otherwise enhance aerodynamics.


So as long as no additional holes are drilled, brake ducting can use any existing orifice, obvious choice being the OEM brake ducts or driving lamp holes.

Steering Columns and Body parts 

Another thing to note are the lowering of steering columns, something not allowed for in our regulations. Also the requirement to have the front lip on each model.


Modifications permitted, but not mandated:

  1. i) Power assisted steering may be disabled or replaced with an E30 non power steering rack, but all other steering components must be retained in their standard form, as per 3.1b.


3.1 Required Equipment / Modifications:

  1. b) Except as specifically permitted within these regulations, the steering system including rack, tie rods, front sway bar, steering arms and column shall remain as standard E30 fitment.


  1. e) A genuine BMW E30 lower lip on the front panel is mandatory on all models. This item must be correct for each particular model EG facelift or pre-facelift.


Fuel Reg reminder


5.4 Fuel System

  1. e) Only fuel with an octane rating between 91 and 98 is permitted. It must be commercially available from a New Zealand service station forecourt pump.

Ethanol or alternative Bio Fuels, E85 etc are not permitted.

  1. f) Fuel must be used as purchased – no fuel additives are permitted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or raise it with your driver delegate Ian Power.

Tickets for the round

All tickets will be sent to Gordon Legge this week. Tickets and your car pass can be collected from him on the Friday (3rd Feb). Please note that If you are not able to make it on Friday, you will need to contact the race series to let us know. As you will not be able to get in on Saturday without Tickets. Please send us your race number and Best contact number so we can be available to get you in on the Saturday morning. 

Payment for the round

Please note that if you intend to pay for the round on the Friday. You need to pay the race series NOT at documentation. See Gordon Legge or Nikolas Gladiadis on Friday. You will not be permitted to race without having made payment.

I look Forward to seeing you all at Taupo


Nikolas Gladiadis

BMW Race Driver Series