Tasman Revival Hampton Downs wrap up

This email contains:

  • Tasman Revival
  • Endurance Round Race Results
  • Taupo Entries Feb Round
  • Incident Requests           
  • Final Thoughts

Hampton Downs Tasman Revival 14-15th Jan 2017

Well another Tasman Revival at Hampton Downs is complete. Mixed weather but some great racing. I hope you all enjoyed it. Apologies to those of you hoping for a BBQ on Saturday. But the early finishing time we had saw it not make much sense as most wanted to head home.


Thanks to all of you for making this a great event.


Provisional Points for the round are attached and will be finalised after the next committee meeting.


Endurance Round 1 Race Results

The results for this event have been asked to be reviewed. Some quirky things have occurred that have been brought to our attention. We shall discuss this at the next committee meeting and inform you all regarding any decisions made.

Taupo Entries

Taupo Entry will be up on www.motorsportentry.com shortly.  Keep checking this week. We shall also let you know as soon as it’s up! Please note that we are on Friday through Sunday.



This is a call for any Incidents you wish us to review from the Tasman Revival Hampton Downs 14-15th Jan 2017.

As always, we request you please send a clear description of the incident, race number, lap and those involved with your footage to us by 4pm on Friday the 20th of January 2017.

Final thoughts

Please remember to thank Race organisers, Officials and Volunteers during the race weekends. It means a lot to them to hear it from competitors. It’s considered a thankless task. Let us be the race series that changes that.

Also, it was good to hear that competitors were talking more and guiding newer competitors. We want to be a series that helps educate the rookies (and even the long running drivers). So remember, if you think someone you were driving against was a bit “loose” or “un-aware”, go and have a polite chat and talk about the event. Because unless they are told about it they will never change. Graham Ball was a good example of this on the weekend.

Well done Graham for helping a new driver expand his knowledge.


Nikolas Gladiadis


Castrol BMW Race Driver Series