Endurance race and the next 2 rounds!!!!!!

This email contains:

  • Endurance Entries
  • Submissions and Investigations
  • January and February Rounds
  • Final Thought

Endurance Entries

Nearly 40 Cars on the Grid last Sunday!

Awesome watching all classes run together for the Endurance Race.

Thank you to all that made the effort and I hope you enjoyed it as much (or more) than I did watching.


Submissions and Investigations

We are calling for any Race incidents that Drivers wish investigated from the Hampton Downs Endurance round to be submitted by Friday 16th December at 4pm.

Please write a clear description of the incident and include information such as: Parties involved, and a Step by step description.

If you have Video, please send it in with your written submission.

If you have video of an incident you think we should see, we would like to see that too. Please just let us know which class, race number and the time on the video that the incident begins. Example: E30 first race 10th Sept. Begin at 3min 23sec.

Anything received after 4pm on Friday 16th December will not be reviewed.

January and February Rounds

Please note entry for the next Taupo Round (3rd-5th Feb) will be done through Motorsport Entry. This will be up on the site within the week.

Also, note the Entry for the January Tasman Revival round is up on www.motorsportentry.com

Enter these as soon as possible please. Leaving entry to the last-minute or after Cut-Off causes lots of headaches. Including potential removal from the round or the combining of grids. Please help us deliver what you deserve by entering   L…….O………N……..G   BEFORE the cut off date.

Final thought

Have a happy, safe and great Christmas/ New Year break!!!!!

May your gifts be of new tyres and performance parts!!!!!

Look forward to seeing you all next year


Nikolas Gladiadis


Castrol BMW Race Driver Series