Endurance Round Supplementary Regs – Important

This email contains:

  • Supp Regs for the endurance round- Pit stops rules etc.
  • Endurance Series- Round One Hampton Downs 11th DEC entry
  • Final Thought

Supplementary Regs for Endurance Series- Round One Hampton downs 11th DecFull Supp Regs attached. You will, of course, have read these already.  But see below part of them.

    1. BMW 1-Hour Enduro Races
      • Competitors – a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (2) drivers are required for each competing vehicle.  Both drivers must complete the entry process, either on-line or manually, but only one entry fee is payable per car.  Both drivers must complete documentation and they must both attend the driver’s briefing. NB: Cross-entries are not permitted – each driver may only be entered in one car per BMW race group.  However, subject to completion of the relevant entry forms and paying the entry fees, it is permissible for a driver to enter both the E30 and Open Class races.
      • Practice/Qualifying – two 10-minute practice sessions will be run for each BMW race group.  Each driver must complete at least 3 laps in one of the sessions for their group.  In the case of the two-driver entries, only one driver shall participate in each practice session.  In all cases, the best time achieved by a vehicle in either session shall be used to determine the starting grid for the race.  Drivers who have not completed the 3-lap minimum may only participate in the race with the permission of the Clerk of the Course.
      • Race format – using the grid positions determined above, a standing start will take place.  Based on the average lap times, the starter will show the “Last Lap” board at an estimated time one lap before the completion of the one hour.  After the completion of the one hour, at the next passing of the lead car, the starter shall wave the chequered flag to the entire field.
      • Pit Stop – During the race, a minimum of one (1) pit stop must be made by each competing vehicle.  This pit stop must be made between twenty (20) and forty (40) minutes of the race duration and is not permitted under Red Flag conditions.  During this pit stop, either:
          1. a driver change is to be made, or
          2. the driver must exit the car, complete a full circuit of the car and re-enter.Where a driver change is made, the incoming driver must be positioned at the front passenger door of the vehicle. The outgoing driver must exit the vehicle, proceed around the vehicle to the front passenger door and “tag” the replacement driver, who shall then continue the circuit of the car (in the same direction as the outgoing driver) before entering the vehicle.

Refuelling – This is permitted during the race, and all entrants and team pit crew are to be familiar with the “Motorsport NZ Code of Practice for Motorsport Fuel – Storage and Handling”, which may be viewed on the MSNZ website. NB: All refuelling crew (and all other pit crew working within three (3) metres of the refuelling point) shall wear fireproof overalls, balaclava and gloves.  Each team refuelling during the race shall have a dedicated fire marshal wearing the safety gear prescribed above, with a fully serviced operable dry chemical fire extinguisher of no less than 9kg capacity.  This person’s sole responsibility is to man the fire extinguisher and this person cannot take part in any other job during refuelling. If a “Dry Break” system is being used, other work may be performed on the vehicle during refuelling.  For all other refuelling systems, no work other than a driver change may take place on the car during refuelling.Endurance Series- Round One Hampton downs 11th DecAs Mentioned previously – Entry for the first round of the BMW Race Driver Series Endurance Championship on 11th DEC is Now Open Things to note if you are sharing the drive:

  • Your co-driver must have a MSNZ License
  • Your co-driver must be a member of a car club

Same format as last year with two 10m practice sessions, an 8-lap sprint race and a 1-hour endurance race – all for $325.  Any of you who have entered any of TACCOC’s previous two events (Oct 8th HD & Nov 27th Puke) may be eligible for a cash back of up to $100 – to be paid out on the day. Please select the correct listing on www.motorsportentry.co.nz , as there are three separate events showing that day – one for trial, one for sprint races and one for BMW Race Series.  Second drivers should also enter in the same way, including the vehicle details, which are use to make up the “teams”.  There is an option for you to select “2nd driver”, which drops the entry fee from $325 down to just $40, which covers the Health & Safety Levy (from HD) and a small administration charge from TACCOC.  Fortunately, you do not have to pay the MNZ participation levy of $53, which is payable per entry rather than per driver. Hope that all makes sense. This was a hell of a lot of fun last season and can’t see why it would different this season.Get your entries in ASAP for the last event of 2016!!! If you have any questions, please feel free to email: treasurer@taccoc.co.nz Or contact us bmwraceseries@hotmail.com Final thoughtDid I mention: GET YOUR ENTRIES IN FOR THE ONE HOUR!!!!!!For my sanity, please do this sooner rather than later JSee you all Sunday.Regards,Nikolas GladiadisSecretaryCastrol BMW Race Driver Series