Endurance Round Dec 11th

 This email contains:

  • Endurance Series- Round One Hampton Downs 11th DEC
  • Final Thought- Conflict resolution

Endurance Series- Round One Hampton downs 11th DecEntry for the first round of the BMW Race Driver Series Endurance Championship on 11th DEC is Now Open Same format as last year with two 10m practice sessions, an 8-lap sprint race and a 1-hour endurance race – all for $325.  Any of you who have entered any of TACCOC’s previous two events (Oct 8th HD & Nov 27th Puke) may be eligible for a cash back of up to $100 – to be paid out on the day. Please select the correct listing on www.motorsportentry.co.nz , as there are three separate events showing that day – one for trial, one for sprint races and one for BMW Race Series.  Second drivers should also enter in the same way, including the vehicle details, which are use to make up the “teams”.  There is an option for you to select “2nd driver”, which drops the entry fee from $325 down to just $40, which covers the Health & Safety Levy (from HD) and a small administration charge from TACCOC.  Fortunately, you do not have to pay the MNZ participation levy of $53, which is payable per entry rather than per driver. Hope that all makes sense. This was a hell of a lot of fun last season and can’t see why it would different this season.Get your entries in ASAP for the last event of 2016!!! If you have any questions, please feel free to email: treasurer@taccoc.co.nz Or contact us bmwraceseries@hotmail.com Final thoughtConflict and resolving it.One way to resolve most issues comes from discussing racing incidents directly with the party or parties involved. Just remember to take a few deep breaths first and be prepared to find out that you may, in-fact, have been in the wrong.I suggest the following:

  • We have Driver Delegates for all classes. Please go see them first for advice.
  • Follow through with that advice and talk to the other driver (with the Driver delegate present if you wish)
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the result to that point. Find the CRO of the meeting and make a formal protest.

I feel that not enough direct communication is being had regarding race incidents. The only communication is to the Committee and often in the week following. It is, in-fact better to have these conversations immediately. At the track.I (not we) would and have, talked with those I hit (yes, I’ve made mistakes) or those that have hit me. And I stress the “talked with” part. It was always a two-way conversation. Those same drivers have given me advice (and I them) and we’ve discussed the how’s and why’s, thus gaining experience. These same drivers are now friends.Please remember, we rely on each one of you to help manage this series that we are so passionate about.Regards,Nikolas GladiadisSecretaryCastrol BMW Race Driver Series