Driver standards and much much more- Important Content!!!

This email contains:

  • Driver Standards
  • Taupo Entry
  • Practice day 18th of November
  • Final Points from round two
  • Securing Car Batteries
  • Clarification of rules
  • Final Thought

Driver StandardsI’d like to prefix this next part by saying that on the whole we have had very few (next to no) incidents reported from the Manfeild round.However, it was quite apparent that there had been quite a bit of “rubbing” during the E30 races. We would like to remind all Drivers in ALL our classes that ours is a Non-contact sport.  Rubbing is NOT racing. We want all cars to go home at the end of a race weekend in the same condition as they arrived. Very few of us have the budgets to do minor repairs between rounds, let alone moderate to major ones.We understand that drivers can make the odd error in judgement during a race. But that concession goes out the window when we see the same car make multiple contacts with various cars during the same race.Too many “minor” dings across too many cars.We ask you to race hard, but race fair. A dive bomb pass is not a “awesome move”. Leaning on a car through a bend, then taking away their race track (running wide when there is any kind of overlap) is not respectful. We are all better than this.We don’t wish to deter close racing. We just ask that you all make respectful decisions.Please review Motorsport New Zealand Code of Driving Conduct on our website before the next round. Link below. all enjoy close but fair racing!!!!!!Taupo EntryEntry for our 3rd round at Taupo is up on the site. Please note that entry for this round closes on the 9th of NovemberBe quick!!!! Taupo Practice Day 18th of NovemberPlease be advised that there is an open practice day on the 18th of November in Taupo.9am till 4:30pm$100 Register on the dayFinal Points ManfeildPlease find attached the Final points from Manfeild.Securing Car battery – New MSNZ GuidelinesAs  mentioned in the previous Newsletter please note that changes have been made to the MSNZ guidelines regarding securing methods of Car Batteries. These were checked at Manfeild and many competitors told they needed to be upgraded. I have since heard that this has been a point checked closely at other race events too.In short:

  • If you have got anything other than a standard battery- Four bolts
  • If you have the battery in a location other than standard- Four bolts
  • If you have a battery different from standard and in a different location- Four bolts
  • If you are in doubt- Four bolts

Clarification of RulesWe will be making minor alterations to rules in the 2 litre, E30 and Open Regs.Please note: These will not upset any current competitor. They will however be clearer and less ambiguous and shall simply better reflect the intention of the rules.We shall, of course notify you of all changes once they are made.Final thoughtWe are expecting a few new and returning competitors at the next round. Please introduce yourselves and make them feel welcome.Get your spanner checks done!Regards,Nikolas GladiadisSecretaryCastrol BMW Race Driver Series

Taupo 19th and 20th November

Taupo EntryEntry for our 3rd round at Taupo is up on the sitePlease note that entry for this round closes on the 9th of NovemberProvisional Points ManfeildPlease find attached the provisional point from Manfeild.Finalised points are expected to be posted by the end of this week.Car battery Securing- New MSNZ GuidelinesPlease note that changes have been made to this part of the MSNZ guidelines. These were checked at Manfeild and many told they needed to be upgraded.I have since heard that this has been a point checked closely at other recent race events too.In short:

  • If you have got anything other than a standard battery- Four bolts
  • If you have the battery in a location other than standard- Four bolts
  • If you have a battery different from standard and in a different location- Four bolts
  • If you are in doubt- Four bolts

Final thoughtWe shall have information about the practice day at on the 18th of November in Taupo shortly and shall email out details as soon as we have confirmed it.Regards,Nikolas GladiadisSecretaryCastrol BMW Race Driver Series

Important Manfeild Information

Happy Friday-eve to you all!

I have a few more bits of important information to give you regarding Manfield.We have been advised that the scrutineer will be focusing on the following checks:

  • Helmets
  • Safety Harnesses
  • Roll Bars
  • Throttle return springs
  • Batteries – tied down & terminals covered
  • Rear lights
  • Rain lights
  • Competition numbers (to be placed correctly as per our regulations)
Of course with the above checks, the Scrutineer can and will check anything else he feels the need to, so please ensure your race-car is up to standard to avoid disappointment.Further to the above, a note to all E30 Class competitors to please ensure your race-car has a current Warrant of Fitness to avoid an automatic 25 point deduction. We will be checking this over the course of the weekend.Again, don’t forget to enter the Manfeild round if you are intending to! Cut-off is tomorrow at 3pm. Any entry received after this time will incur a $100 late-entry fee.
And finally, make sure you have fun! Note that we may need to send out further correspondence next week so keep an eye on your emails.
Kind regards
Raewyn AndersonCastrol BMW Race Driver Series

Manfield Entry – IRC Summer Series 22nd-23rd October – REMINDER

Good evening to you all!A short and sweet reminder that with the Manfield round fast approaching, please, please, please ensure that you have your entry in via Motorsport Entry by 3pm this Friday, 14th October at the very latest. Any entry received after this time will unfortunately incur a $100 late entry fee. This only applies to the entry itself; payment at the normal rate can still be made after the fact and also on the day.Entries received as of this morning are attached as well as the Supplementary Regulations and Schedule for the round.  Please ensure you read these – any questions please ask.NB: The third race (R26) for the 2 Litre class is a Handicap format, not a scratch race as noted on the Schedule.Icebreaker Points: Final results have been completed and are available to view here.Have an enjoyable rest of your week.Kind Regards,Raewyn AndersonCastrol BMW Race Driver Series


Manfeild and other interesting things……….octoberfast-irc-r1-manfeild-october-22-23-2016-sup-regs-v22016-octoberfast-race-schedule-sun-23rd2016-octoberfast-race-schedule-sat-22nd-v1Good Thursday to you all!!!I trust you have started to wonder about points from round one at the Icebreaker and also about how to enter the Manfeild round on the 22nd-23rd of October. I will try to do my best to explain.IceBreaker Points:  Provisional results have been completed and shall be posted on the website in the coming couple of days. Already up on the Facebook page.Provisional: Meaning some changes are still to be made (so take them with a grain of salt)Manfeild:Firstly our Manfeild round is NOT, I repeat, NOT the MG Classic round. I’m not saying don’t enter it. If you wish to, go for it. However your points from any of those races will not be counted in our series. For that you need to enter our round on the 22nd-23rd of October.This brings me to the next point.We have been working toward having the Manfeild entries being made available on the motorsportentry website.  This is now up and running!!!!!! We felt this was easier to manage than the old “post-in to Manfeild and email to the races series too” system and decided to run with it. So forgive us for the delay. However those of you who have previously had to enter the old way shall know the pain that we wish you (and us) to avoid.You will find attached to this email the supplementary Regs for the round.  Please read and understand them.Unfortunately, this year the stadium is not available for pitting. So bring your easy-ups, umbrellas, Tarps with holes in them, Palm fronds. Whatever you can get to create some cover! E30 Technical:A few rules to take note of before the next round:1.2 Cars must be presented to a high standard. Corrosion, poor paint work or significant bodywork damage/or missing parts (such as front panel lower trim and body moldings) will incur a noncompliance which may result in a points deduction, and/or exclusion from the practice / race or event.3.3 Modifications strictly prohibited:

  1. b) The use of any under-trays, diffusers or any other aerodynamic device fitted to the underside of the vehicle other than those fitted as standard are prohibited, but refer to 3.2e & f.
  2. c) Except as specifically allowed no external body parts may be modified in any way to improve the flow of air around the vehicle or into the engine / engine bay.
  3. g) All bumpers must remain in complete original condition. All bumper dampers, bumper mounting brackets, mounting points and trim must be retained as fitted standard by the factory.

Competitors must assume that unless a modification is specifically permitted, then it is prohibited.Think about the above statement for a moment. It doesn’t just apply to standard parts of an E30 race series car. Items added to a car come under this rule too.If you aren’t sure if something is permitted. Contact the race series and ask. Failing to do this may see you have points deducted or even see you excluded.  Please remember that the onus is on YOU to produce a compliant car. Just please remember that we are here to help. Ideas and questions shall be kept confidential. Just please don’t risk your season, no-one wants that.Race Series JacketsI’m sure many of you saw these smart looking items at the first round. We intend to place a second order soon. (If we get orders quick enough they may be ready for the next round)If you want one, send a message to the BMW Race Driver Series Facebook page. $100 each.Driver DelegatesI have had a very good number of people nominated for the 2 litre Driver Delegate position. E30 series on the other hand………….Please, Ladies and Gents, put yourselves forward before Manfeild.And welcome to Michael Starnes as the Open Class driver delegate.  Thank you for raising your hand and giving up a little of your time.Final ThoughtRemember that this is about fun, comradery and then competition. Don’t forget to thank volunteers like Marshalls, Grid organisers or even Ambulance officers during a race weekend. Without them we don’t race anything.Kind Regards, Nikolas GladiadisSecretaryCastrol BMW Race Driver Series

Tasman revival Hampton Downs and a little more

This email contains:

  • Tasman Revival Jan 14-15th 2017
  • Myths and Rumours
  • Final thought

Tasman Revival Hampton Downs January 14-15th Entries We seem to only have 4 people at present wanting to race at this meeting.   Please get your entries in now or we shall be at risk of being bumped out of this event if entries are not forthcoming.   The Entry for the January Tasman Revival at Hampton Downs is up on   Enter these as soon as possible please. Leaving entry to the last-minute or after Cut-Off causes lots of headaches. Including potential removal from the round or the combining of grids. Please help us deliver what you deserve by entering LONG BEFORE the cut-off date.     Myths and Rumours There seems to be a few myths and rumours flying around at present. Some about format changes. Some about Heavy Penalties being needed, and a few others. adidas superstar dziecięce A couple of points here. Point one: The formats will not be changing as the evidence suggests the issue with light to moderate panel damage would still occur.  PANEL DAMAGE is happening in all the E30 races. If you think that removing the reverse grid will get rid of the issue. YOU ARE WRONG.

  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames blauw
  • The only way panel damage will reduce in frequency is if EVERYONE gives more room and thinks more about self-preservation. That includes the car in the lead of an overlap who all too often this year, gives no space. (When under MSNZ rules, they should provide space) And then blames the other driver. Point two: Heavy penalties are hard to enforce when we have only been asked to investigate 10 incidences this season so far (Not all E30). Most of those had little support (Video), to be able to take action. Phil Simms Those we have good information and video on have been assessed and penalties have been given. Before you get upset at what is being said here, consider a couple of things.

    • The committee and driver delegates are not omnipotent. We cannot see every incident on track or magically figure out how the incident occurred simply by looking at the damage and having a worked-up driver tell us their story. If they talk to us at all. (And if I’m honest, I’ve been guilty of thinking I was in the right until I looked at the video. Then calmed down because I may not have been as “in the right’ as I thought I was)
    • Rumours do not get rules or formats changed. It is impossible to change either in this way during the season.  For the record, it can in fact be done. nike free 3.0 v4 blau But I’m unaware of a single person asking me or any other Committee member what would have to happen to have a change made. Let alone send in a request to question if it can be done

    Myths and rumours hurt the race series. This is the only truth. Please direct your requests, concerns and questions to the Race series. Unless it’s on record what do you expect us to do? We are not a faceless group that don’t care. We all care very much about this series. This is why those on the committee volunteered to assist in its operation.

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  • I ask you all to remember that. I guess I’m saying in general terms. nike air max 2017 blu donna Before you point the finger of blame. Be sure it was not something you could have changed the outcome of yourself. If you want to see change. Ask or Ask how. Just don’t talk to everyone but your committee and expect change. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Because you will be nothing but disappointed. Nike Air Max Homme We are here to help if you give us the chance. Final thought Get your Entries in now for the Tasman Revival!!!! Have a great Christmas/ New Year’s break!!!!! We look forward to seeing you all next year racing in the series that we all love.

    Taupo entry list

     This email contains:

    • Taupo Entries
    • Taupo Practice Day
    • Final Thought
    • Attached files: Pit layout and Competitor Schedule

    Taupo EntryAs of today, nike air max femme pas cher we have 33 x E30,

    Clarifications to Regs and Formats- Important

    This email contains:

    • Taupo Entry
    • Taupo Practice Day
    • Clarification of rules
    • Driver Delegates
    • Final Thought

    Taupo EntryEntry for our 3rd round at Taupo is up on the site. Please note that entry for this round closes tonight!!!!!!!!Be quick!!!! Taupo Practice Day 18th of NovemberPlease be advised that there is an open practice day on the 18th of November in Taupo.9am till 4:30pm$100 Register on the dayClarification of RulesWe have made minor alterations to the 2 litre and Open Regs, and the Format of E30These have been altered be clearer and less ambiguous and simply better reflect the intention of the rules.Please see the below for details (Changed sections in yellow)These will be updated on the website overnight.E30 Class Championship Format 2016-2017 season

    1. Second Race: Bracket–Reverse-Grid Race

    Block 1 starts at the first fall of the start flag. Jordan Jumpman Block 2 starts 5 seconds later on the second fall of the flag, with block 3 starting at 10 seconds on the third fall of the flag. Dont’a Hightower College Jerseys NB: The groups do not move up for each flag drop – they must stay in their allocated grid position. Andrew Heaney Jersey Points awarded as per the attached table, with 10 bonus points awarded for the fastest race lap. Open Class Regulations – Effective for the 2016 / 2017 Season.3 – TECHNICAL / VEHICLE ELIGIBILITY

      1. Engines: Must be a production BMW cylinder block and head casting, all other components are free. Maglie NBA Engine Capacity must have a minimum of 2200cc. Utah Jazz The exceptions are vehicles applying under Section 3.6, those mentioned in the “General description” (2.0 Litre SuperTourers, NZ Touring Cars) and BMW Mini Challenge cars. asics lyte 3 uomo If you are not sure, please contact the BMW Race Driver Series.

     2.0 Litre Class Regulations – Effective for the 2016 / 2017 Season.3 – TECHNICAL / VEHICLE ELIGIBILITY Tyres: All cars MUST run on BMW Race Driver Series Committee approved DOT rated tyres. In addition to complying with a DOT standard, Tyres must also be New Zealand warrantable tread patterns. Tyres are also required to have a 1.5mm minimum tread depth (excluding any tie bar or tread depth indicator strips) around the whole circumference of the tyre, and across at least 75% of the tyres tread width. nike buty dziecięce FOR CLARIFICATION: Tyres also marked “NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE” or “FOR RACING PURPOSES ONLY” are excluded from use. (If you are planning to run a new design / brand of tyre please e-mail the Race Series Committee at for confirmation of acceptance).Driver DelegatesWe wish to welcome Ian Power and Andrew Sharp (In addition to Michael Starnes) on board as Driver delegates for E30 and 2 Litre. Maglie NBA Please give them all your thanks and appreciation for putting their hands up to take on these roles.Final thoughtWe shall have a “NZ first” joining us at the next round in Taupo. Air Jordan Retro 3 It is exciting news and hard to keep to myself.

    Series Entries to date!

     Ladies and Gentleman,Less than a week now till the  first round of the race series.As you can see below that we have had many take advantage of the early entry fee.

    Raewyn Anderson 2 Litre
    Aaron Ayers E30
    Jordan Baldwin E30
    Marc Baldwin E30
    Graham Ball 2 Litre
    Peter Ball 2 Litre
    Fred Bardon 2 Litre
    Ant Belsham E30
    Robert Berggren Open A
    Colin Briscoe 2 Litre
    James Broadbridge E30
    Ian Brown Open B
    Simon Burke 2 Litre
    Neville Carpenter E30
    Alexandra Clark 2 Litre
    Matt Cloke E30
    Vaughan Crang E30
    Mark Crompton E30
    Justin Daly Open B
    Gary Dawson E30
    Michael Delmont Open A
    Rick Donaldson 2 Litre
    Wayne Downie 2 Litre
    Mike Dunstall E30
    Greg Dutton E30
    Tony Easton Open B
    Lochlainn Fitzgerald-Symes E30
    Liam Foster 2 Litre
    Graeme Fraser Open B
    Ross Gardiner 2 Litre
    Shane Geddes E30
    Warren Glassford Open B
    Harvey Gray E30
    Laurie Griffin E30
    Matt Griffin E30
    Nikolas Haden Open B
    Ross Heffernan 2 Litre
    Gary Hicks E30
    Robert Hill E30
    Bryce Hilton E30
    Tony Houston E30
    Martin Irvine Open B
    Hagen Issell Open C
    Joanne Johnson 2 Litre
    Michael Kennedy 2 Litre
    David Lawrence Open C
    Steve Lawrence Open
    Gordon Legge 2 Litre
    Graeme Linton E30
    Tony Lovelock 2 Litre
    Graham MacDonald 2 Litre
    Stephen Marks Open A
    Scott McCaskie E30
    Mathew McCullough E30
    Oliver McDermott E30
    Grant McFie E30
    Grant Metson 2 Litre
    Bruce Miller 2 Litre
    Michael Moros 2 Litre
    Anthony Munns E30
    Andrew Nugent Open A
    David O’Connor 2 Litre
    Nigel Patterson Open C
    Phil Pietersen Open C
    Tim Poulter E30
    Jacob Reid E30
    Grant Roe E30
    Royce Rollinson E30
    Grant Scheuber 2 Litre
    Grant Schultz 2 Litre
    Martyn Seddon 2 Litre
    Matthew Seddon E30
    Andrew Sharp 2 Litre
    Alex Sherie E30
    Dan Slater Open A
    Mathew Smith E30
    Treva Smith Open B
    Philip Smurthwaite E30
    Chris Sparg 2 Litre
    Richard Spedding 2 Litre
    Warwick Spedding E30
    Michael Starnes Open B
    David Stephens Open
    Bryan Symes E30
    John Thompson E30
    Nick Thompson 2 Litre
    Anthony Tork E30
    Paul Tucker 2 Litre
    Jon Tyler 2 Litre
    Andrew Walker 2 Litre
    Paul Weir Open B
    David Whitburn E30
    Ross Wilson E30
    Rob Wolff E30
    Kevin Yule 2 Litre

    We currently have 42 x E30’s,  32 x 2 litre and 21 x Open Class cars entered into the series.Please note: that any entries not received by 12 noon on Friday the 9th will not likely be processed for the race weekend. So please get them  in quickly if you intend to race at the “Ice Breaker” Meeting.I suggest for speed you send a scanned copy  of your entry to and pay via direct credit. If you think you may have any problems please email us.Track  day on  Friday is organised through the Hampton Downs website. enter the round at Race Driver series JacketsThe first order has been placed and nearly all jackets delivered! We will place the next order when we have around 15 orders. Please message the BMW Race Driver Series Facebook Page or see Raewyn during the race weekend to order yours!If you need any help or assistance: please email us and we shall do what we can.Regards,Nikolas GladiadisSecretaryBMW Race Driver Series 

    First Round Aproaches

    This email talks about:

    • Basic checklist for competing in our Race series
    • Changes to the committee
    • Request for race class driver delegates

    Race Series ChecklistSo with the first race meeting fast approaching I’m sure you are all completely ready.Just to be sure you have the basics to participate in our race series, I urge you to go through the checklist that follows. If you have any questions, please email us at

    1. Are you a member of the BMW Car Club of New Zealand? If not, you need to be to race in our series.
    2. For any competitors still awaiting their compulsory BMW Car Club NZ membership card, please keep your PayPal receipt to bring to Icebreaker in case there is a possibility the membership cards don’t arrive in time.
    3. Are you a member of the Castrol BMW Races Driver Series? The entry form can be found on the BMWRDS website.
    4. Entry to the Castrol BMW Race Driver Series must have been sent to the BMW Race Series email as well as the relevant payment made. Early bird entry of $150 is applicable to any entries received and paid prior to Wednesday 31st August. We will not accept payment on the race weekend. Payment must be received (And in the race series account) no later the 9th of September. I suggest if you are going to be paying close to this date, that you use Direct Credit instead of posting a cheque.
    5. Is you race license Current? If not, you better get onto Motorsport NZ.
    6. Does your class require you to have a WOF?  Please have this up to date. We don’t want to issues points penalties before the first round of the series starts.
    7. Have you entered the first round?
    8. Entry to Icebreaker must be submitted and paid for via
    9. Have you got your FHR (frontal head restraint)?Of course you have done all of the above. You aren’t panicking at all? I urge you to complete these steps as quick as you can.
    10. Note that these are now compulsory for our race series. Racer Products have a range of FHR and FHR compatible helmets (if that needs to be upgraded too). They are a sponsor of our series and have a commitment to looking after our members. Contact Gene on 0800RACER1 (0800722371) or email

     Committee ChangesSome changes to the committee have occurred over the last few months.Grant Scheuber has stepped down as Secretary. Grant will remain on the committee. However we hope he can now get back to participating on the race track. We thank you Grant for your many years performing this difficult role.Nikolas Gladiadis has been accepted onto the committee to take on the role as Secretary of the race series. Last season Nikolas was the Open Class Driver delegate.Jon Tyler has stepped down from the committee. We thank Jon for his efforts over the years. The tasks required of this role on a race weekend (while also trying to race yourself) is challenging to say the least.Raewyn Anderson has been accepted onto the committee. Raewyn has been doing a great job with our Facebook page and participation on the Scholarship Car Committee We look forward to her participation on the Race Series Committee.Andrew Walker has been accepted onto the Committee. Andrew has been the 2 litre driver delegate for a couple of years and has spent time on the Scholarship Car Committee. We look forward to your increased participation on the Race Series Committee.Please join me in thanking Grant and Jon for their respective efforts over the years. We all hope you now get some time to come racing!As for the three new committee members, We wish you good luck! Race series Driver DelegatesWe are putting out the call for three Race Driver DelegatesWe require one for each class: E30 Series, 2 Litre and OpenThe role of the Driver Delegates will include, but not be limited to:

    1. a) Liaison between Membership and Committee on all subjects related to the BMW Race Driver Series.
    2. b) Be the first point of contact for Members who have any matters they want put before the Committee.
    3. c) Provide feedback for the Committee in relation to proposed rule changes.

     This role is not hard to perform or time consuming. If you feel you wish to give back to the race series this year, please contact us and nominate yourself.So now you’ve read this email, you are of course relaxing because you’ve done everything already (hahahahahahaha)Have a great week and here’s hoping I haven’t been the cause of too much panic!Regards,Nikolas GladiadisSecretaryCastrol BMW Race Driver Series