Final Series Update #31 – 2012-2013

N2493 TMC Awards flyers – Club series driver A5 web
As they say, “there’s no rest for the wicked” and with the AGM and prize giving dinner still recent memories it’s a timely reminder that the start of our 2013-2014 race season is only 13 weeks away. Early indications show that we’re in for another fantastic season too, with a number of new 2.0 litre cars planned for completion in time for Round 1, add the expected reappearance of a number of Open A and B competitors after time off for various reasons (and a few new cars too) plus the usual E30 mix and it’s safe bet that grid numbers will again be up on the previous season.


As a final hurrah to the 2012-2013 season you’ll find enclosed above the “Final Season Points” for all classes.


Coverage from the January Festival meetings has been scheduled by TV3 for screening on Sunday 25th August at 3.00pm.



Series Update #30 – 2012-2013

Well, another successful Castrol BMW Race Driver Series season has come to an end.

Annual Dinner / Track Day.

It was good to see a fantastic turn out of 180 plus people (up from last years 154) for this seasons Annual Awards Dinner, ably MC’d by fellow BMW committee member Brett Cowan. Well done Brett, I’m sure everyone present appreciated your input and are already looking forward to next years “Annual Quiz” questions, although I’m sure the co-efficiency difference while braking on a sealed track is substantially better than wet grass! But then again you don’t actually speed up do you, you just stop slowing down!! Damn, another urban racing legend exposed.

Well done Nik, our inaugural quiz winner, I’m not sure that being the only one to pick a mismatched hand bag in a lady’s ensemble is worth it for just a chocolate fish though?

No doubt Neville’s now doubly certain that he’s picked the right guy to fly the Zambezi flag for next season now!!

The prize giving dinner was followed by another good turn out at Sundays East Auckland Rotary / Castrol BMW Race Driver Series fundraiser and track day at Hampton Downs.

If there are members out there who didn’t turn up due to not wanting to share the track with “a bunch of funny sounding Mazda’s” our apologies, we should have slipped the word “Rotarians” into the invite somewhere!

Luckily the rain stayed away all day (which couldn’t be said for the Super Tourer meeting just down the road at Pukekohe) and the paying public had a fantastic time.

Paying for a hot lap ( 1x warm up 1x hot lap 1x slow down) was never going to equate, as once our guys got out there you could never get them back in!! Resulting in most people getting at least 4-6 hot laps minimum for their money.

With the final proceeds going to Cure Kids and Life Education Trust this is certainly something worth repeating next season.

A big thank you to all those that attended.

And for those that didn’t make the Awards Dinner our main prizes went to the following:

BMW 2.0 Litre Championship:
1st    Ashley Blewett.
2nd   Graham Ball.
3rd    Howard Wood.

Open Group B:
1st    Michael Starnes.
2nd   Ian Davidson.
3rd       Neville Findlay.

Open Group A:
1st    Daniel Slater.
2nd      Andre Cowan.
3rd       Aaron Harris.

E30 Race Series:
1st    Martin Irvine.
2nd      Ashley Blewett.
3rd       Richard Oxton.

E30 Rookie:

Gene Rollinson.

Kayne Barry prize for most improved E30 competitor:

Royce Rollinson.

Peter Ball.

Congratulations to you all.


Well nothing too contentious here, other than some interesting discussion on possible Open Group B changes and a request for a step up in driver penalty enforcement. Once we’ve sat down and digested all the viewpoints we’ll get thefinal regulations for the 2013 – 2014 season signed off and circulated.



At this point we have five meeting dates pretty much in place for the upcoming season, these are:


MG CLASSIC          MANFEILD       9-10TH NOVEMBER 2013

TASMAN REVIVAL       TAUPO         11-12TH JANUARY 2014



Add to these meetings a possible round within

MotorSport NZ’s framework, the opportunity to run at the first round of the new NZRDL (New Zealand Racing Drivers League) which is scheduled for the 28-29th September, TACCOC’s 1 day December meeting and also a planned October “joint feature round” with the Bridgestone Porsche Series, including an invitation Porsche vs BMW “Rennsport” race, and you can see that we’ve got a few options to work through before confirming our final 6-7 round season. (Did someone mention the South Island?)

And of course there’s also the non-championship “NZ Festival of Motor Racing” (celebrating Ferrari) rounds being held at Hampton Downs during the weekends of 18-19th and 25th-26th January 2014.

We’ll make sure we confirm our final championship calendar to you all as soon as possible.

Till next time,

Series Update #29 – 2012-2013

2013 Dinner.List

Just a final reminder that our 2013 Annual General Meeting is being held this Saturday at BMW NZ’s headquarters at Pacific Rise (off Sylvia Park Rd / Mt Wellington Highway) Mt Wellington Auckland. When you arrive please follow the sign on main entrance door.

And following on from this is the 2013 Castrol BMW Race Driver Series Prize Giving Dinner at the Ellerslie Events Centre.
Then on Sunday we have the combined Rotary and Castrol BMW Race Driver Series Track Day at Hampton Downs. South of Auckland members are able to park their racing car and trailer on site Saturday morning, saving the drag through Auckland city and back. This is being run as a fund raiser for both Cure Kids and Life Education Trust through East Auckland Rotary, with free entry for BMW Race Series vehicles. There will be an indemnity form to sign on the day, with the day getting underway from 10.00am to 4.00pm. We are there to take the paying public for their rides, with time in between for your own free sponsor / supporter / crew rides, however if you own sponsors etc would like to contribute to the fundraising they can purchase rides online through the following link,
If you’re wanting to bring a car along but aren’t in a position to take part in the fundraising drives then a $50 donation to Rotary on the day would be appreciated.
While gear will be provided for paying customers don’t forget spare helmets / overalls for your own crew to use.   
Finally, If you haven’t done so already there’s still some space available at Saturday nights Prize Giving Dinner. A list of those already attending is enclosed above. If you have already replied to come along but aren’t on the list please let us know ASAP, if you still need to reply then please do so today. Another Prize Giving Dinner invitation / attendance form is enclosed above along with the menu to wet your appetite!
See you on the 25th.

Series Update #28 – 2012-2013

AGM notification.Enclosed above you will find details regards our upcoming 2013 Annual General Meeting which is being held on Saturday 25th May from 12.30pm at BMW NZ’s headquarters based in Pacific Rise (off Sylvia Park Rd / Mt Wellington Highway) Mt Wellington Auckland.

This notification also includes member submissions for this years AGM along with some race series committee feedback in italics. Also enclosed above are the 2012 AGM minutes and our 2013 Treasurers report and financial statements.
We hope to see as many of you as possible at this event.
Following on from this of course is our 2013 Prize Giving Dinner which is being held the same night at the Ellerslie Events Centre. For those requiring nearby accommodation both the Ellerslie Ibis and Novotel Hotels back onto the Ellerslie Events Centre grounds.
For those out of towner’s (south of Auckland) who are planning to bring their cars up to participate in Sunday’s Rotary track day the Hampton Downs team have kindly allowed our members to park their racing car and trailer on site Saturday morning, saving you the drag through Auckland city and back. Please note though that the skid pan is hired out for the day so please park well clear of this.
Finally, If you haven’t done so already there’s another Prize Giving Dinner invitation / attendance form enclosed above.
See you on the 25th.

Series Update #27 – 2012-2013

2litre Championship Rd7 Pukekohe AGM INVITE.
E30 Points Table Rd7 Pukekohe
Open Points Table Rd7 Pukekohe
SSPoster_ad (2)Enclosed above you’ll find provisional results from Round 7 of the Castrol BMW Race Driver Series that was held on a very wet Saturday at Pukekohe late last month.

The combination of new seal / concrete barriers / limited run off and rain certainly added to a number of our members off season “to do” list.
AGM / Prize Giving Dinner.
Another reminder that this is almost upon us.
The AGM will get underway from 12.30pm at BMW NZ’s headquarters in Pacific Rise Mt Wellington. The agenda for this along with member submissions / previous AGM minutes / financial report will be circulated in the next day of two.
We will also use this opportunity to hand out trophies for Rounds 5 / 6 / 7, fifty race medals, and any outstanding trophies from earlier rounds.
Ian Rawkins is still looking for additional E30 in car footage from the BMW Festival meeting for inclusion into coverage of this event. If you have something suitable please send this on to Ian via e-mail
BMW Car Club National Show & Shine.
This is being held this year in Hamilton on Sunday the 19th May.
For those keen to attend we’ve enclosed their poster above showing all the details needed.
2013 Castrol BMW Race Series Prize Giving Dinner.
A reminder for those that have not already returned their invites to please get this underway as soon as practical so that table layout’s etc can be determined well ahead of time. Preference does tend to go to those that book early! Another form has been enclosed above for this purpose. We look forward to seeing as many as possible at our premium event.

Series Update #26 – 2012-2013

Prize Giving


Please find enclosed above your invite to the 2013 Castrol BMW Race Driver Series prize giving dinner. This is to be held at the Ellerslie Events Centre on Saturday the 25th May 2013.
For all those planning to attend, please complete this form and either post or direct credit your payment (prefered option) as per the attached invitation.
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for what will no doubt be another fun filled and interesting event.

Series Update #25 – 2012-2013

2litre Championship Rd6 Hampton

We’re now just a few days out from the final round of the 2012-2013 Castrol BMW Race Driver Series season, and we’re expecting to see a big turn out of competitors taking a first competitive look (for most anyway) at the new Pukekohe track layout.
With that in mind here’s a little bit of pre-event house keeping;


the start / finish line flag point at Pukekohe is now located on the LH side of the racetrack. If you find yourself passing a lot of cars

all of a sudden towards the end of a race you haven’t got faster, you’ve probably just missed the chequered flag!

B.Turn 5 / 6 complex.

As most would be aware from V8 Super Car footage turn 5 comes up a little bit closer now to the back straight kink than the hairpin did.Something worth remembering!

Secondly, a number of out-braking instances were attempted here that resulted in cars running straight ahead through the safety chicane onto the old section of the back straight and re-entering at the hairpin, potentially gaining an on-track advantage. 

Our ruling on this over the weekend will be as follows;

      1. Any vehicle running through the back straight safety chicane must re-enter safely at the hairpin on clear track in a position not better than they were previously in.
      2. 10 seconds will be added to their final race time for the first incident, 20 seconds for a second incident and a DSQ given for any third incident during an individual race.


2. The inside kerbing at turn 5 has a very wide flat top (inside of the red/white painted strip) which was used by a number of support class competitors to cut the corner. While technically any installed kerbing becomes part of a race track the flag marshals were displaying “bad sportsmanship” flags for these incidents. For our series we would expect to see at least two wheels remaining on track (between the painted white lines) at all times so that bad sportsmanship flags don’t become points deductions.
3. Also a reminder that anyone running off track onto any infield or outfield grass, particularly between turns 5 and 6, is also required to re-enter safely onto clear track in a position not better than they were previously in.
4.Finally, the installation of Hamilton’s “street circuit” barriers have made Pukekohe a bit of a concrete jungle in a number of places, particularly the back straight area, so please USE YOUR MIRRORS, don’t move on the guy in front of you without knowing what’s happening from behind as there is now limited amounts of space available for anyone needing to take avoiding action.

The BMW Race Driver Series drivers briefing will follow on immediately from the drivers briefing held by HRC. We will also recap the topics mentioned above, if you’re unsure of anything this will be the time to ask.
The club BBQ will be fired up immediately following our final race on Saturday afternoon. Food and refreshments will again be provided. This will be followed by a prize giving for trophies etc from both Round 5 and Round 6, plus any others outstanding from earlier in the season.
Enclosed above are revised “Season to Date” points for both Open Group A and BMW 2.0 litre classes as a result of a small miscalculation in total round points and the ommission of a competitor (damn late entries!). 
The voting box will again be set up in the BMW marquee beside the scales for any last minute nominations for this award, so if you’ve got someone in mind and haven’t already voted please make use of this.
More stock of the larger sizes has been manufactured and we will have these available for those still waiting, and new members, over the course of the weekend. Would those still requiring these please catch up some time on Saturday with Dave Lawrence who will be managing the distribution of these.

Another reminder that any motions for AGM discussion need to be made before the end of our Pukekohe meeting, so if you’ve got any topics you’d like discussed, or any suggestions on the direction of the classes going forward, get these down on paper and hand them on to a committee member this Saturday. We’ll have final pricing and invitations for this years prize giving function out to competitors after the completion of our final round, but in the meantime REMEMBER TO MARK SATURDAY THE 25TH MAY on your calendar as the date for this seasons AGM and prize giving dinner. Not only will it be a night to remember honouring fellow competitors and catching up with friends, there’ll also be some fantastic door prizes to be won too!

Series Update #24 – 2012-2013

2litre Championship Rd6 Hampton
13-14 subscription
E30 Points Table Rd6 Hampton
Open Points Table Rd6 Hampton

We’re now less than two weeks out from the final round of the 2012-2013 Castrol BMW Race Driver Series which is being held at Pukekohe Park Raceway on Saturday the 27th April.
YES this is a one day meeting, with Friday set aside as a practice day to enable competitors to get to grips with the new track layout.
If you’re not able to make the Friday then there’s also an Auckland Car Club event this weekend plus Michael Clark’s CAG practice day next Monday to take advantage of.
No doubt all those that made their way to the V8 SuperCars over the weekend can’t wait to try out the new track layout. Don’t try out the new barrier fencing though as it looks to be a little unforgiving!
1. Round 7 Pukekohe Park Raceway Saturday 27th April.   

As above this is our 1 day meeting on the new V8 SuperCar layout featuring practice on Friday 26th and qualifying and three races for each class on Saturday the 27th.
We’ll confirm timelines for our Race Series Drivers Briefing / Saturday evening BBQ etc later next week. We expect this to be a full on event so please get your entries in ASAP @
2. BRDS AGM / Prize giving function 2013.
If not already done so please mark Saturday the 25th May in your calendar as the date for our Annual General Meeting and Prize giving Function.
Our AGM this year will be held at BMW NZ’s Auckland headquarters (followed by a happy hour) with our Prize Giving Dinner later that evening at the Ellerslie Convention Centre.
Accommodation if required is available at the adjoining Ellerslie IBIS and Novotel Hotels.
Please have a think about any ideas / suggestions you’d like to put forward for discussion at the AGM. Members motions need to be in 28 days prior, so Saturday 27th April is also the deadline for these. You can either deliver them in writing to a committee member during our Pukekohe round or send them in via e-mail to
We’ll have a notice of business to be conducted and motions for discussion (including our recommendations) along with our financial report circulated 14 days prior to the AGM.
On Sunday there will be the opportunity for members to help contribute to something a little different as we look to support the North Shore Rotary club with a fund raising event being held at Hampton Downs raceway. More details on this event to follow.
3. Round 6 results (Hampton Downs).
Enclosed above you’ll find final “Round 6” and “Season to date” points for E30, BMW 2.0 litre and Open A and B classes.
For the first time in a long while the E30 series podium is almost determined heading into the final round with Marty Irvine having a 342 point lead over Ashley Blewett in 2nd place with Richard Oxton 165 points further back in 3rd place. The “rookie” battle sees Royce Rollinson (12th overall) leading Gene by 235 points ahead of Greg Mikkelsen 1 point further back in 3rd.
BMW 2.0 litre is a similar scenario with Ashley Blewett having a 252 point lead over Graham Ball in 2nd, however Howard Wood is hot on his heals only 90 points back in 3rd place. Finishing positions for these three are still going to be critical with both Ash and Howard going into the round with no drops to spare.
Open Group B is slightly closer with Michael Starnes (still with two drops) 145 points clear in 1st place ahead of Ian Davidson with Neville Findlay 201 points further back in 3rd. 
Open Group A is certainly the exception with several still in contention. Currently Andre Cowan (still with two drops available) leads on 2789 points ahead of Aaron Harris (no drops) on 2742 points, with Dan Slater (one drop left) in 3rd place on 2734 points.
So will the added corners help the lower horse power cars as much as the existing minimum lap time helps the fast guys? Now there’s a good reason to attend and find out! 
4. BMW Car Club Membership.  
Annual membership of the BMW Car Club expires on the 31st of March each year, so for those of you planning to race this next meeting please ensure that this has been updated.
The entry form can be found on the BMW Car Club website or alternatively use the manual form above and post in your payment.
5. CASTROL Product Update.

CASTROL EDGE WITH TITANIUM FLUID STRENGTH TECHNOLOGY™ IS CASTROL’S STRONGEST AND MOST ADVANCED RANGE OF ENGINE OILS.Castrol EDGE 10W-60 SN is a full synthetic, SAE 10W-60, API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B4 engine oil formulated for competition and high performance engines both naturally aspirated and  turbocharged. Castrol EDGE 10W-60 SN is infused with liquid Titanium and is one of Castrol’s strongest and most advanced range of engine oils. It has the adaptive strength to respond to your engines every need, giving it a unique adaptive strength that reduces metal to metal contact across a range of different driving speeds thus lowering friction and maximises engine performance. Castrol EDGE 10W-60 SN gives you the confidence to demand maximum engine performance from competition and high performance engines that require lower viscosity higher performance oils. Castrol EDGE 10W-60 SN surpasses a wide range of specifications and is suitable where the following requirements are called for: American Petroleum Institute (API) Service Classifications Petrol : SN, (SM, SL, SJ, SH and all superseded classifications): Diesel : CF ACEA A3/B4, High performance shear stable petrol/diesel engine oil.

Castrol Performance Products are available to BMW Race Series competitors through the Parts team at Jerry Clayton BMW. Contact them on (09) 488 2000 for preferential Castrol BMW Race Driver Series pricing.

Series Update #23 – 2012-2013

2litre.Points.Table.RD5 Taupo
E30.Points.Table.RD5 Taupo
Open Points table Rd5 Taupo

As it’s been a couple of weeks since our last meeting at the HRC Legends of Speed at Hampton Downs on the 23-24th March it’s no doubt time for another update……………………..
Firstly congratulations to our Legends of Speed “LEGENDS” for the weekend, for E30’s Harvey Gray and Bruce Miller, BMW 2.0 litre Dr David O’Connor and BMW Open David Lawrence.

ROUND 6 Hampton Downs Legends of Speed.

As a follow on from our previous Taupo round it was nice to see that pretty much all the “on track” incidents were confined to classes “OTHER” than the Castrol BMW Race Driver Series groups.
It was also good to see a fantastic turnout of competitors again now that we’re back on our traditional home soil. 52 entries for E30 and 20 for the new BMW 2.0 litre class were fantastic turnouts with BMW Open A & B only marginally down at 19 entries combined.
With a couple of incidents to look into, and the next committee meeting being scheduled for Monday night 8th April, we’ll have provisional round 6 points out to you all later next week. In the meantime you’ll find enclosed final round points from Round 5 at Taupo Motor Sport Park and also our updated “Season To Date” points covering rounds 1 through to 5.

ROUND 7 Pukekohe Park Raceway 26th – 27th April.

This is our 1 day meeting on the new V8 SuperCar layout featuring Friday the 26th as an optional test day, followed by qualifying and 3 races for each group on Saturday the 27th.
We’ll get back to you closer to the date with timelines etc however do plan for our traditional prize giving BBQ on the Saturday night as we’re collecting a number of trophies from our previous two rounds plus some additional “50 Race” medals that do really need handing out. Venue and timing TBA.
We expect this to be a full on event so please get in early with your on-line entry @


Now would also be a good time to mark Saturday the 25th May as the date for our Annual General Meeting and Prize giving Function.

Our AGM this year will be held at BMW NZ’s Auckland headquarters with the Prize giving Dinner again at the Ellerslie Convention Centre.

On Sunday there’ll be the opportunity for members to help contribute to something a little different as we look to support the North Shore Rotary club with a fund raising event being held at Hampton Downs raceway. More details on this event to follow.

We’ll get AGM minutes along with timelines for these events out to you shortly, in the meantime please have a think about any ideas / suggestions you’d like to put forward for discussion at the AGM.

We look forward to seeing at fantastic turnout at Pukekohe, and for those members competing at the V8 SuperCar round, keep it clean, do your best to represent the Castrol BMW Race Driver Series and we’ll see you all again at our end of month Pukekohe finale.

Series Update #22 – 2012-2013

Attached are the up to date points for the season.
We will have our Drivers Briefing at 8.45am on Saturday morning at the Tent on the skid pan.
There is a free beer and food to be bought at Hamptons after the racing on Saturday, put on by HRC. They will be awarding their Legends of Speed trophies there.
We will have our BBQ going after the racing on Saturday evening, free food but BYO to this one.
We will have some beers available after the Saturday 27th of April Pukekohe meet, our last for the season.